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  • Full win or full refund (Best industry money back policy by far)
  • Multiple Signals by each expert
  • Activate a signal with one click to your exchange!
  • Easy Payment methods
  • 15% Monthly returns on average through low-risk signals
  • Team of technical support available 24/7
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It is not nearly enough to buy crypto and simply hope prices will go up, you need to be agile and be ahead of the markets. The truth is, neither beginners nor professionals are able to regularly conduct profitable trading operations without outside help. Even Michael Jordan had a coach, why shouldn’t you? Our result is tracked in real time and verified on our website, so you can see exactly how our traders performed month after month. Everything is transparent and there is no room for manipulation of results. This is the beauty of the blockchain!

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April - May - June 2022
55.4% success rate
402 Recommendations
Returns of 19.66%
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Bybit Future
April - May - June 2022
64.5 % success rate
231 recommendations
Returns of 33.46%
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Binance Spot
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Bybit Future
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Frequent Questions

Why Was Signal Club Built in the First Place?

As active traders ourselves, we found that simply just "getting signals" wasn't enough to formulate a consistent and profitable trading strategy. We also found that acting quickly upon the signals was just as critical. Because of this, we have developed a system that not only allows you to follow a proven profitable trader but also act on their signals immediately thus gaining an advantage on the overall marketplace.
Investors struggle with thousands of signal providers, with monthly fees or even for free, but the common issue that they all are looking for a reliable and credible source to provide these recommendations and most importantly to be able to act on them.

How Signal Club solves the issue?

Signal Club is an opportunity for investors to found what they are looked for. We provide high-transparent score system that reveal each experts’ performance for investors to avoid manipulation.
Our formula depends on multiple factors to rank the participated trader and his/ her performance, some of these factors are related to his past 6-month trading history and his/ her ratio of winning/ losing signals in addition to his/ her average profits monthly.
Its all about make efforts to investigate and ensure the result...It's a matter of confidence

Who benefits from this service?

In short, everyone does. Shooters have a huge opportunity to prove their authenticity and performance whereas investors get the chance to receive recommendations (Flares) that are profitable and get implemented directly into their exchange account without lifting a finger. It is truly a win win!

What returns should I expect?

With the correct risk management and strategy coupled with Signal Club technology, it is possible to have a sustainable income when trading crypto currency.
The use of correct risk management is core to any trading strategy and one of the most important skills in trading to attain. If a correct risk management is followed, about a 5% to 8% monthly return is expected.

What is your Money-Back Guarantee?

Customer satisfaction is our mission, that's why we offer a full, no questions asked 100% refund policy in the case you are not satisfied within your first 30 days of being one of our valued clients.
In addition to that, you will be paid back your subscription fees 100% in any month if your trader doesn't achieve at least 50% winning flares.

How can I start?

Simply fund your account according to one of our packages by the best and easiest way of depositing USDT.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! For each active member who uses your invitation code, you will be immediately credited 15 USDT instantly!!

Your investments are your Responsibility

We want you to be careful with your investment, your trading in the market is your personal responsibility, you pay for the brokerage services between you and the experts, and any loss you get from your use of the information provided is your responsibility.